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The fibres : for irreproachable quality

In order to provide irreproachable quality, Gauthier Tissus are associated with the most advanced European suppliers of thread and implement quality controls throughout the manufacturing process.


Infinity® is a brand new fibre, its construction being based on the new « Double Population of Filaments” technology, a unique combination of a conventional filament core for resistance with a techno-filament outer sheath for comfort. Thanks to this technique providing its performances to the fabric.

Infinity® offers a natural, supple and fluid hand similar to those of natural fibres.

Infinity® very comfortable on the skin, allows a perfect body breathability, even in extreme weather conditions, perspiration being permanently dispersed to the outside of the garment.

Infinity® ensures a true “Moisture Control” thanks to the ventilation of the body through evaporation. Simultaneously it admits the passage of air, allowing the body’s ventilation. These characteristics avoid permanent discomfort of wet garment.

Infinity® fabrics have a mate surface aspect and allow creating performing and resistant fabrics. They keep intact their colour, original look and performance of comfort for a long time.

Infinity® is the ultimate in easy-care and can be processed at a very low cost by industrial laundries.

Infinity® is a Manmade registred trademark.

Second life

Used for all types of clothing, from lingerie to medical clothing and including the precious collections of « Haute Couture » creators, Second Life is the new weave produced with recycled plastic mineral-water bottles.


Natura® is a brand new fibre engineered to satisfy the end-users expectations, combining, extreme comfort, perfect colour fastness for a better corporate image, plus the advantage of frequent washes without colour fading and garment shrinkage.

Natura® has been carefully fine tuned to combine the best of each world : modern look, infinite softness on the skin, supple drape, attractive and relaxing colours, exceptional durability, and absence of shrinkage.

Natura® knits will convince the most exigent wearers that the garment they receive, will be “as if they had chosen it themselves”.

Natura® is a real “State-of-the-Art Synthetic Cotton”, respectful of the environment.

Natura® knits are easily washable by industrial laundries, using the classic P/C cycle, and require only a very short tunnel drying time. The fabrics durability makes Natura® an ideal product.

Natura® is a real source of substantial savings by reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Natura® is a Manmade registered trademark.


Linstat® was created to reply to a strong request from users of anti-static fabrics who needed a solution to two important points: comfort and security.

In terms of comfort, the fabrics available at the time were coats of armour that became saunas. Performance and Gauthier Tissus naturally chose to use Pontella® which provides comfort through its structure which breathes (micro-filament).

From a safety point of view we decided to exclusively use Negastat® which had just been introduced; a major advantage was to provide antistatic protection without being grounded. This meant that an employee at a workstation was free to move in a much larger area.

Success came quickly and many industries in electronics, optics and vehicle painting have adopted Linstat® Negastat®.

The leading antistatic fabric in Europe, Linstat® Negastat® has been tested and approved for many years thanks to its exceptional comfort, its antistatic qualities, lack of pilling and particles.
Ideal for vehicle painting, electronics an all industries requiring absence of particle emissions, it conforms to standards EN1149-3.

Linstat® is a registered trademark of Gauthier SAS and Negastat® a registered trademark of DuPont.


ProtexTM is a revolutionary fibre engineered by the Japanese company Kaneka based on the Modacrylic molecule.

ProtexTM is inherently flam-resistant, i.e there is no amount of finishing which could lead to deterioration in flame-retardancy, even after repeated washes.

ProtexTM is even more effective when blended with cotton giving a final fabric retaining it natural characteristic of appearance, drape and soft handle.

ProtexTM pure or blended with cotton, has a very high L.O.I (Limited Oxygen Index) involving a better fire protection.

ProtexTM is a Kaneka Waxman registered trademark.

Trevira Trevira

Trevira® is a flame retardant filament which replies to international standards concerning the safety of uninflammable fabrics.

Trevira CS is a Trevira registered trademark.

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